8 Winter Beauty Tips To Keep Your Skin & Hair in Good Condition

Winter time means Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, friends, and a good time. However, for your skin winter time means biting winds, drying indoor heat, and freezing temperatures. The different elements associated with the winter can easily suck the life right out of your skin. These tips will make sure your skin remains glowing and beautiful all winter long. Face … [Read more...]

Skin Care Routine in 7 Steps

Skin Care Routine in 7 Steps

Skin care is undoubtedly buzzing in every head whether one is doing anything about it or not. Love it or hate it but you can’t run away from doing it. Though all of us are working on it, but the method of doing it effectively makes all the difference. Here is a skin care routine that I am sure will prove to be of immense worth to one and all. Cleansing Dust, smoke and … [Read more...]

How Dust Mites Are Related To Asthma

How Dust Mites Are Related To Asthma

A common problem that triggers asthma is the dust mite. We can find it everywhere at home and mostly in mattresses, furniture, carpets and bathrooms. Dust mites are small organisms, similar to spiders but invisible to the human eye. They feed on dead skin cells, insect scales and more. Also, it is more likely to find dust mites in more humid places since they need both food and … [Read more...]

10 Ways For Seniors To Get Active

10 Ways For Seniors To Get Active

A healthy, nutritional diet and regular exercise are every bit as essential in later life. The sedentary lifestyle is a dangerous one at any age and individuals who choose this path generally find that their physical and psychological health goes downhill at an alarming rate before they know it. Seniors who want to look and feel healthier, increase their energy levels, … [Read more...]

Omega-3 fatty Acids And Its Effects On Children’s Sleep

Omega-3 fatty Acids And Its Effects On Children’s Sleep

Sleep is as important as food and water to everyone especially children. Although this is a common knowledge, there are still many parents that don’t allow their children to have enough sleep for their proper growth and development. It is certainly not done on purpose but we don’t think of its importance to children. Because of the parent’s busy schedule, the kid’s school, … [Read more...]

Tips For Dry Skin During The Cold Days

Tips of dry Skin during cold days

The cold winter days usually surprise our skin unprepared. The summer and the warm autumn have passed, but the sun has managed to make our skin drier, which is the reason why it starts looking tired and “withered”. Do not forget that the influence of the sun changes our skin, and this may be quite dangerous for it during the cold winter season, because its elasticity usually … [Read more...]

Useful Safety Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Useful safety tips for contact lens

Many people around the world wear lenses these days. However, few of them follow the instructions on safe use. This increases the risk of all sorts of infections that can occur to the contact lenses holders. The best way to minimize the risk of getting an eye infection would be to follow the instructions of using lenses given by your health care provider. Theses … [Read more...]

Office jobs: How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Office refreshment tips

Do you struggle with the sedentary lifestyle that oftencomes with having a desk job? This is not an uncommon problem, as approximately 25% of the workforce in the western world is under the category of a desk job. The average office worker can log up to 43 hours a week, which can make a healthy lifestyle difficult to maintain. This is a serious concern, as sedentary … [Read more...]

The effects of drinking alcohol and how to stop drinking

Effects of drinking alcohol

Many of us drink a glass of alcohol every now again. There and is nothing wrong with an occasional drink and there might even be some health benefits in drinking a bit of alcohol. Too much drinking can be harmful, however, as you’re doing serious damage to your body. If you drink too much on one occasion it will not make you an alcoholic overnight, yet it can put you in a … [Read more...]

How You Are Unknowingly Damaging Your Teeth

Since our early school days, we have been thoroughly drilled in how to look after our teeth. If you want to avoid the dentist’s scary looking drill, brush three times a day and avoid sugar, sweets and soda, it’s not difficult is it? Unfortunately though, it’s not that simple, despite their strength, teeth can be rather sensitive. There are many ways in which we unknowingly … [Read more...]