Simple Anger Management Techniques for Men

Men have an increased risk of experiencing rage, aggressive behaviors, depression and anxiety. Men typically exhibit irritability and anger, while women typically display signs of sadness. Issues at home and/or work can cause increased stress, which can turn into uncontrolled anger and aggression. A variety of anger management techniques can help men with anger issues identify … [Read more...]

How to Control Your Thoughts and Mind

1. The mind is like a wheel which revolves endlessly with tremendous velocity. It generatesnew thoughts with every revolution. This wheel is set in motion by the vibration of psychic Prana orsubtle Prana. The practice of Pranayama lessens the velocity of the mind and slows down the wheel gradually. Perfect control of Prana will bring the wheel to a standstill. 2. Alcohol, … [Read more...]

Understanding behaviour sensitivity

Behaviour sensitivity is being sensitive, and dealing with each other courteously. Graciousness in our every day life, can save us a lot of headaches and hurts. Here are a few suggestions to bring in awareness in sensitivity in everyday life. Rude behaviour and crude comments at home or in our work place, can lower both our self confidence and our performance. It creates … [Read more...]

Tips to Control Anger | How to Control Anger

By recognizing that we are responsible for our own anger and the stress resulting due to it, we can decide to let it go. This can be done when we are inwardly calm. One of the key causes of stress is anger which gets built up inside us in our day to day interactions with certain individuals and from real life situations. The inculcations of the innate virtues of the … [Read more...]

How to Manage Stress

HOW TO MANAGE STRESS Studies shows that a natural stress process is the sequence of tension and relaxation – of spending and regaining energy thus keeping the body-mind system joyful. Stress is a natural and an inevitable process of adapting by human beings, to the constantly changing mental and physical challenges at work and home. It is an integral part of life which … [Read more...]

Sense of balance training

Did you play hopscotch, turn cart wheels or skip over stones as a child? All these requires varying degree of balance. In our daily life, we are constantly faced with challenges to our sense of balance like slipping over a banana peel, tripping over the pavement or a wet surface. The Balancing Act: Balance is not something we generally think about as being part of overall … [Read more...]

Tips to Manage Anger

Anger is the cause of everything one should know how to control it. There are so many techniques can be followed to control the anger here are few simple tips to manage anger. So, CONTROL ANGER BEFORE IT CONTROLS YOU 1. Relax. Think of a place or a time that you particularly enjoy. 2. Counting from 50 backwards shifts brain activity from the emotional to the analytical … [Read more...]

How To Handle Emotions

HERE A FEW TIPS TO HANDLE EMOTIONAL TURMOILS Deal with humiliation Know that humiliation does not weaken you, it strengthens you. If you are afraid of humiliation, you can neither make progress in your material life nor in your spiritual life. When you stand above humiliation, you get closer to the Self, to God. So, the way out is: 1. Get humiliated! 2. Be … [Read more...]