Healthy Diet Chart for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens are prone to different disorders and health problems due to their growing age and weakening body. Most senior citizens fall sick frequently or complain of weakness and low immune system. Many face serious health diseases like cardiac arrest or diabetes due to their poor eating habits. As the body grows old, a person should limit their diet to fresh green … [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Eat Less Meat and Dairy

Five Reasons to Eat Less Meat and Dairy

Meat and dairy is a staple part of many people’s diets. Imagine trying to get through breakfast without your bowl of cereal, a boiled egg and bacon sandwich - for some, this would be an impossible task. But just because meat and dairy is considered essential fodder for everyone but vegans, there are some very good reasons why you should consider reducing your meat and dairy … [Read more...]

The Dynamics of a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

If it is true that individuals are what they eat, it is important to maintain a healthy diet that is higher in fiber and well balanced. Research shows that individuals should eat a variety of foods and not fill their diet with highly restrictive food groups. The Body’s Building Blocks Following food diet recommendations by the United States Department of Health and Human … [Read more...]

Breakfast Foods to Survive the Day

Breakfast Foods to Survive the Day

When waking up in the morning, most of us barely glance around the kitchen especially if we are racing the clock. Consider eating rather than skipping breakfast due to studies revealing that eating breakfast is eating smart. Studies show that breakfast skippers have a higher body mass index and waist circumference when compared to those that regularly participate in breakfast. … [Read more...]

12 Healthy Snacks That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

12 Healthy Snacks

Losing weight is already very difficult, but it is even harder when you have a sweet tooth. The good news is that there are a number of sweet treats that you can enjoy without ruining your diet. Below are 12 healthy snacks treats that will help calm your sweet tooth: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries If you like chocolate, then you will love chocolate-covered strawberries. All … [Read more...]

Natural Meals To Stimulate Muscle Building

Healthy food for bodybuilding

Markets and super malls around the world are flooded with various sorts of sports, bodybuilding and nutritional supplements. Although, these supplements are abounding in minerals and nutrients yet as a bodybuilder you cannot succeed unless you consume whole foods. In fact, the major portion of your diet should be composed of lean proteins present in vegetables and fruits in … [Read more...]

3 Worst Foods for Your Heart

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in the world for yet another year. Over 7 million people died in 2012 due to Coronary Heart Disease, which demonstrates the fact that obesity and unhealthy food are a common problem in many countries. We all love junk food, but we must take care so as to not overindulge time and time again. Studies show that many people do in … [Read more...]

How We Can Get Vitamin D For a Healthy Living

If you think How We Can Get Vitamin D? just follow these simple ways what are all I mentioned in this article. Of all the vitamins we take in, vitamin D is probably one of the most neglected – even though it’s found in a lot of things. Contrary to popular belief vitamin D is not the predominant nutrient in milk; that distinction belongs to calcium. However, D is absolutely … [Read more...]

Should i Take Protein Shakes for Healthy Body

Different nutrients and minerals play an important part in keeping human body healthy and fully functional. In this regard, although all the nutrients are essential yet proteins are most important of all of them. As a fact of matter, protein is the main building block of body as the human cells are mostly comprise of this vital nutrient. Therefore, it is no surprise that … [Read more...]

6 Best Foods for Eye Health

6 Best Foods for Eye Health

Want to keep your eyes healthy and sparkling? Outside of routine eye care with a qualified ophthalmologist, eating the right diet can help keep your eyes healthy for life. There are several natural foods to help maintain healthy eyesight that can actually improve your vision, if you know what these foods are. In this article, we'll look at some of the 6 Best Foods for Eye … [Read more...]