Types of Cord Blood Banking-How to Choose a Cord Blood Bank

Cord Blood Banks Types of cord blood banking

Umbilical cord blood is present in the veins of the cord, which attaches the baby in the worm to its mother. It is rich in stem cells and many banks store it for potential medical uses. Using this, you can treat about 70 diseases that comprises of inherited metabolic disorder and leukemia. There are companies in the market offering you provision to store it. You can select them … [Read more...]

Positive Parenting Tips | Positive Parenting Solutions

Hi, think of all the crimes and tragedies thats happening now, we humans have suffered so far. Then have u ever askes why these happened or happening? You will find that the single most important reason behind these tragedies is “Parenting failure.” We should have a positive parenting with our children. We will be failed in parenting when the following things happen with … [Read more...]